Traction Jedi Technologies is a data science company that develops proprietary Demand Analytics and Predictive Analytics software tools and services.  Correlating known transaction quantities/unit values and current web traffic activity to determine and measure existing demand for products and services in the real estate industry, equities/derivatives markets and digital marketing industry.  

As a Google Certified Partner and a Facebook Development Partner, DGS works closely with the digital advertising platforms and has developed custom tools and processes that milk efficiency from an otherwise costly process.  We farm highly targeted search and social traffic for platforms, agencies and direct clients in over 50 industry verticals across 100+ markets in the United States.  

Using our partnerships with the web and social platforms, custom analytics tools, and buying power unparalleled in the middle market, DGS generates targeted traffic (paid and organic) on Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram that costs less and converts more.  DGS has a scale and marketplace view that an individual business owner or single-market agency cannot replicate using the stock platforms alone.

As a real estate consulting, investment, and services firm, Ogilvie Real Estate specialize in development, new construction and real estate investment.  From research analytics and marketing to planning and finance, Ogilvie Real Estate provides solutions for the entire real estate life cycle.  Our job is to make the planning, development, construction and transaction processes easy for our clients while maximizing return on investment.  If you're building, buying, selling, or investing in real estate, you need a partner that's focused on ROI. 


Grind Capital is a Louisiana-based venture capital firm and accelerator program collaborating with Louisiana Tech University to empower entrepreneurs to bring new technologies, products and services to the market in high growth sectors.